Fractured Chapter 1

Here is the first chapter of her novel Fractured. It is a young adult contemporary novel. If you are an agent, an author, or an editor and would like to see her query or more chapters, please contact her at
Chapter 1

I scan the audience desperately hoping to see my parents’ faces. I feel sick to my stomach at the fact they’re not here.

“Meredith Lyons. Graduating with a 4.0 and full honors.” I walk across the stage and receive my diploma from the principal. In a flash, I am officially a high school graduate. As I am leaving the stage I finally catch sight of my sister Lucy clapping wildly, a glowing smile on her face. My heart drops at the sight of the empty chairs beside her.

They aren’t here.

I bite my lip and close my eyes, fighting back the tears. I need them here, but I feel sick imagining what would keep them from being here. I take a deep breath and plop down on my chair. Sherry Matthews flashes me a glance, brows furrowed as she takes the seat beside me. I don’t want her pity. I saw her throw up on the playground in first grade, went with my Mom to take her and flowers when her grandfather passed away in middle school.

I give her a smile, and attempt to shove the disappointment away. I hang my head, I know I shouldn’t be this negative in the first place; it’s not like anything can be done to change things. Sherry is just trying to acknowledge my pain. I should be grateful that Lucy is here for me, even when my parents can’t be. I take another breath to calm the tempest of emotions washing over me. Instead, I focus on watching my classmates taking their turns walking across the stage.

Finally, a loud chorus of whoops rings out as everyone around me tosses their caps into the air. Numb, I take mine off and hold it limply by my side. My classmates jostle me as they rush to meet their families, but I’m rooted by my seat. Lucy weaves her way through the crowd, her eyes scanning for me. I take a deep breath and put on a happier face.

Between the two of us, Lucy has always been more playful and outgoing; it’s no wonder she is popular. She knows the words to say to make you smile, and make things seem just a bit brighter. However, words fail her now, just like they do me. She does the only thing that could make me feel any better and wraps her arms around me as we walk to the parking lot. Feeling her warmth and support is comforting-familiar.

“You know he wanted to be here more than anything.”

“I know Luce, I know.”

 ©Brandi Kosiner